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Ssensoft inc is an information partner to power your relationships. Our power software is predominantly used in small businesses, membership organization, association, small churches and clubs.

We for offer membership management for member based organizations. We also offer contact management, marketing automation with email marketing, automated lead generation, software consulting and support for small businesses. Among the industries we are established in are; retail for loyalty management and inventory management. Membership associations for online event registration and checkin, event tickets, email marketing, contact management, online database association website, fundraising tools. Sports we offer membership managements. Offices we offer memos, records, checklists, expenses, revenue recording. Rental property we offer tenant management. We draw on our skills and experience of over 10 years in providing web technologies. We support our customers through a wide range of oline technology tools, phone calls, emails and skype.

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Long-term and growing markets driven by the increased need for strong client relationships with a more automated approach to marketing and sales. The overload of word is sole entrepreneur company plays to our relationship management technology strengths

We create reliable software to solve small business and organization problems. Over years of our journey, the Ssensoft suite has emerged to be your small business partner in the cloud. We love Ssensoft software because it helps build strong relationships. Our people spend years mastering the craft are at your disposal as you run your small business or membership organization.



The uraccess Member Management system has managed several events in US major hotels and exquisite venues including events at the Orlando World Center Resort Marriott, the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, Marriott Minnetonka, The View - Calhoun Beach Club, Downtown Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile, Gaylord National Hotel Washington D.C and more.

Our systems have processed 10,000s of electronic transactions for event planners, handling all complexities in identity management for high quality service access, managing their members dues, renewals, billing, reminders, invitations, embassy invitations, etc.

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Ssensoft.com offers a comprehensive suite of online business, productivity and collaboration applications. Clients use Ssensoft applications to run their client relationship management, use it for email marketing, sales activities management and contact management.

Ssensoft inc has launched 8 online applications from CRM to Mail, Invoicing, Email Marketing, contact management and more.

Ssensoft.com is a division of Ssensoft Corporation, a privately-held company, with offices in Minnesota, near the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, meeting the technology needs of customers worldwide.