Deploying your Small Business Jboss, Apache, Java and Linux IT Infrastructure

Sep 24, 2006 BY Francis Ssennoga

Running the Jboss Enterprise server is a cool thing if your users do not have to type in the correct port whenever they access the app. For a better user experience you need to hide the enterprise server behind the Apache web server. Among the best solutions I have found is the use of the Apache Proxy Pass Directive detailed in this article.

Running the Enterprise server Jboss is a cool thing but not if you have to type in the correct port whenever you are running the App. This brings about the need to hide the enterprise server behind Apache the web server to simplify the user experience. Among the best solutions is the use of the Apache

When you are using the Proxy Pass directive of Apache avoid using two similar names and you will save time and money. The other thing to watch is to make sure that the JBoss start script uses the same IP and that one used in the Proxy Pass directive.

When you are using the Proxy Pass directive of Apache avoid using two similar names and you will save time and money. The other thing to watch is to make sure that the JBoss start script uses the same IP and that one used in the Proxy Pass directive.

There are however a number of different configuration that may save you the pain. But generally speaking, these warning hold and they worked out very well for me. Here below is a possible Application Server Deployment checklist

-Create App Folder on the server, preferably a .war file
-Proxy Pass Setup with Apache, restart Apache
-Create Start/status/stop Script eg. jboss4_appname
-setup scripts in the home of App
-Setup login reams via login-config.xml, web.xml and jboss-web.xml
-Restart JBoss with jboss4_appname start

Points to Note:
When you create a new JBoss server instance folder make sure JBoss can write to it otherwise the application will not start and log files will not be written. If you see that log files are not being created, this points to a permission problem usually. Just let JBoss own the server instance

When naming applications watch out confusing the server. You can use one single IP to run two or more applications but you cannot use the same domain to run two application deployed as above. For instance, and will not work. What you will get when you press enter in the browser is a nested url of type: which will not take you where you want to go. However, you can use the same IP for different apps like here below.
The above could be going to different sites or application directories (home directories)

Configurations and security check list:
configure the security manager application
configure run scripts in the the directory below:
configure java policy - java.policy
change default parameters that are security sensitive eg passwords.
check log files for warns and error message and try to reduce and remove them. This clauses a lot of loop holes. Make sure if you see errors in log files that you understand what they mean.

To enable https for jboss web apps:
1. Add confidential in the WEB-INF/web.xml
2. Generate certificate keys private and acquire the public key
3. Edit servername/jbossweb.xml

Other configs:

If servlets are not running or are giving errors on compiling them on the server, most likely the servletapi.jar file is not installed. Check and find it in the directory below:

Then install it in the directory below:
java home/j2re/lib/ext/

After creating a server instance make sure the permissions for jboss allow it to read the server home directory eg server/myapp
Usually if created by root will be owned by root but if jboss cannot write to it, there will be no log files and therefore errors.

Mail Services
Deploy or configure your mail services in this folder:
Here you will get to set up your Jboss Messaging

Make sure /etc/init.d/jboss_app script runs the right wrapper configuration otherwise your run script will run another server instance if it points to that instance or fail if it points to none. Eg jboss_app runscript should point to jboss_app.conf which runs server/app

Next, if mail needs to be moved, move mails and domains to the new server.

Use documentation from jboss_version/docs/example/jca

You cannot install two SSL security Certificate two times on the same IP without getting an era. Once you install it on an IP, it is gone.

Login configuration
Set restrictions in web.xml inside the WEB-INF. This is where you set login groups and restricted application.

After the web.xml, set the login parameters in the login-conf.xml in the server/servername/conf directory. Here you will be able to state which login realm (group, eg jmx-console, uraxxess, and any other realm. You will configure where the login parameters are going to come from, either from the mysql db or the props directory. You will configure which rows and fields the username and passwords are going to come from.

Connect you web.xml with the login-conf.xml via jboss-web. Here you configure how you have set up the parameters in the web.xml. This file is inside the WEB-INF as well next to the web.xml

Sometimes JBoss may fail to start because of lack of enough disk space.

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