Web Strategy for Job Hunters

May 31, 2008 BY Francis Ssennoga

Strategy in the most simplest terms, is a plan to move from point A to point B, point A in this case being the point of origin and B being the destination. Deploy web strategy in job hunting, business, love search, etc.

Strategy in the most simplest terms, is a plan to move from point A (the origin) to point B (the destination). Strategy as opposed to a tactic is more long term. Web Strategy in Ssensoft terms, borrowing a leaf from the definition above, is a plan to move from point A to point B using the web or the internet. The internet or the web has become very popular of recent. How then is regular use of the internet different from using the internet in the web strategy sense? We explore the answers as you will find out here below. This article also explains points A and B of Online Strategy with a job hunter's strategy as an example.

I have chosen a context of a job hunter to illustrate the origin (point A) and the destination (point B) of a web strategy. I have picked the context of a job search with a starting point of joblessness and with a destination of a state of employment. If the context were that of a business environment, the point of origin would be the state of losing money with a destination of making a profit. Back to our job search context, we examine here below how a new graduate could use the internet to get to a state of being employed.

Web Strategy for a job hunter
A graduate at point A; sending out 20 resumes per month but with no job lined up might be using the wrong strategy. As the saying goes; quality is better than quantity, this graduate could be helped if they examined the quality of what they are sending out in addition to scrutinizing the method they are using to market themselves. A sale (landing a job in this case) does not happen before the marketing which results from good job market research. A potential winning strategy for a job hunter could be in using the web to cheaply do the badly needed job market research.

There are so many career sites out there and the job hunter can use them as the starting point in their research on what the job market wants. If one logs onto monster.com, dice.com, careerbuilder.com, they could find lots of valuable free clews for a desperate job hunter.

Take for instance, a study of the average rates companies offer for certain jobs; one could gain insights on what rates to negotiate for when they receive an offer. Rates also give hints on what fields are falling out of favor in the different industries. Good rates for a certain category may indicate a rising demand in that category.

Looking at the number of jobs offered in a particular category provides good clews on what the hottest skills are and those should be the skills the job hunter should be marketing or learning.

Job specifications usually indicate what skills the job market demands and show common terms or lingo in the industry. Sometimes a graduate is very qualified by they get intimidated by this lingo. On career web sites, as part of a new strategy one could obtain good job market trends snapshots in a 10 minute browse session. These snapshots could help the job hunter to package their skills better, to know what skills to pick up and not get intimidated by the lingo on job specification. Before wasting time on the job applications, these market trends snapshots should help a job hunter polish up their pitch.

A job search strategy should includes a communication component. The web increases the options a candidate has to communicate with potential employers. The candidate should choose their strongest means of communication. Some people are good on the phone while others have poor phone etiquette. If a candidate is international, there is a bigger chance of misunderstandings on the phone caused by different cultural approaches to calling. Some cultures have different ways of portraying politeness. Their approaches may sometimes be the very source of confusion, for instance mistaking a certain tone or greeting as lack of confidence. Using email as a primary form of communication for a candidate can avoid all these difficulties until before the candidate and employer have an opportunity to meet face to face. In a face to face meeting, the candidate then will have gestures and other body language that will convey more meaning.

The strategic use of the web is often ignored as job hunters concentrate on finding the badly-needed job. A good starting point could be; using the web to research the opportunities, look for clews about better marketing and pitching interest the employers.

It is one thing to get a degree, set up a business or even own experience and another thing to find a buyer or client for these services or products. What makes this possible is a marketing department or marketing partner. The notes below describe how the relationship between the service or product vendor should be with their marketing group.

In forging a relationship with a recruiter or marketing group you have to be serious about what ever they want to do for you no matter who called first. Turning them down after they have put in the time might make you a reject in the future no matter how serious you may become. You also have to be specific as you submit your credentials to them.

Provide references to boost the recruiters confidence as they market you. In return you can ask them intelligent questions about the gigs they are getting you. Specifically what company, size or culture. Tell them what kind of company you would like to work in.

If you don't pass the interview, explain what might have caused the problem for the rejection. This will let these recruiters know you are serious and aggressive and when they get something else, they will call you. After all they are looking for some money too. You can make this even better by recommending people you know who can do the gig perfectly. The recruiters will take note of this help.

Keep your recruiter updated with additions to your business, resume, etc. Let them know which companies you have been to looking for jobs so that they do not submit your information where you have an interview. This can be embarrassing and unforgivable.

If they don't find work or a client for you 90 plus days, suggest moving on. This can be a wake up call for the recruiter to look harder.

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Web Strategy for Job Hunters

Strategy in the most simplest terms, is a plan to move from point A to point B, point A in this case being the point of origin and B being the destination. Deploy web strategy in job hunting, business, love search, etc.

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