5 Factors to Consider as You Choose Where to Host a Website

June 17, 2016 BY FrancisSsennoga

Only less than 40% of businesses own their own websites in the United States according to recent studies. Many of those who have a business website are dissatisfied with it for a number of reasons. The most common frustrations stem from the fact that the website does not serve its purpose well, it is too expensive to host, the owners are not in control of their own website or the owners feel it is like a decoration - they know they must have it but they do not know why. In this post, I just want to address a major source of this dissatisfaction by answering this question; where or who should host your business website?


5 Ways Your Website Can Increase Your Sales

June 17, 2016 BY FrancisSsennoga

Running my software business has unveiled to me some useful insights that can improve your sales process. I have found out that one of the hardest things in building a small business is finding and retaining customers. As you may have observed, small businesses are migrating operations to their business web sites as their main front. It is appropriate to consider your small business website as the corner stone of your sales process. Here are five ways in which you can make your site an effective sales front.


7 Things Your Website Could be Doing

June 17, 2016 BY FrancisSsennoga

Since your website is a big component of your marketing strategy with specific tasks that it should perform to make you succeed, I have listed 7 things it could be doing in addition to what you may already have. See how the list compares with yours.

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