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How Good is Your Execution

June 17, 2016 BY SupportTeam

Giving your execution a grade is a good way to start fixing problems as an entrepreneur. An average plan with good execution can earn you a passing grade. A good plan with bad execution will most likely earn you a failing grade.


Iterative Building of the Business

June 17, 2016 BY SupportTeam

A business is something you do almost everyday and every time not occasionally when you feel like it or when your mood is good. A business is a system of accumulated processes. Start off by building these the different processes that will comprise of your business. An example process can be, the Information gathering process, product design process, requirement gathering process, testing and many others.


Paul Allen, Microsoft and the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Victory.

June 17, 2016 BY FrancisSsennoga

Many people think of software programmers as lone nerds coding away in dimly lit rooms which is very true. But also true is the fact that more computer geeks love the arts, music, games, sports and the movies. Many that have stepped out of their coding bunkers to embrace the world are listed on walls of fame and among those is Paul Allen a billionaire co-founder of Microsoft.

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