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10 Reason Private-Equity is On Buying Spree for Software Businesses

June 17, 2016 BY SupportTeam

Many of you remember the hype of software companies in the late 90s, the dot com boom and finally the bust that made software companies almost a taboo for investors and buyers. This scare and cold shoulder has been good for the software industry in that, they have focus on building real businesses, focus on what really matters and forget cut the hype.

Founders have scratched their heads until they came up with revenue models that work, systems to weaken software pirate and most of all create beautiful software that people love. Back in the day the best machines where dreaded because of the difficulty to use, software was synonymous with manuals, downloads, piracy warnings and headaches due to difficulty.

Symantec's Veritas software was bought for $6.6 billion, 46% buys this year in the software industry and many others are going on.

Now you go to Facebook, twitter or snapchat, you just need a login no manual. All indicators show that this is now a field for maturity even when a good number of CEOs are in their 20s and in jeans. That is why the money people are back. Let us explore 10 reasons for this new love fest.

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